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Elizabeth Munzon

Born in Los Angeles, CA

Lives & works in Long Beach, CA


Elizabeth Munzon received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) emphasized in Figurative Painting and Drawing with a minor in Marketing from California State University, Long Beach in 2017. The same year, Munzon co-founded  _flatline, an artist run gallery and art space that also serves as Munzon's working art studio located in North Long Beach CA. She currently serves as the Director of _flatline where she curates exhibitions, workshops and community events. .  



400 Rabbits 

Munzon has an ongoing series titled “Centzon Totochtin: 400 Rabbits” inspired by the Aztec mythology of the 400 drunken rabbits believed to be Gods or Spirits who possessed the human body letting it feel the feeling of intoxication. Munzon gravitated towards the mythology while researching the legends and myths of Mexico. Her research aimed to educate herself about the stories and narratives of her culture. As Munzon learns about the 400 rabbits she creates her own interpretation of the narrative, creating oil paintings that have a unique palette of warm and cool colors and compositions inspired by 1800's and early 1900s artists like the Pre-Raphaelites. By doing so she creates paintings that merge a culture from which she comes from and a Eurocentric culture in which she grew up in.


Elizabeth has shown in various group exhibitions across Southen California, with one group exhibition in Nice, France. Long Beach Museum of Art, Torrance Art Museum and Bergamot station are among some of the locations her work has been exhibited. 

  Art Inquiries: 

email Elizabeth directly about available work, commisions, studio visits or interviews. 

Schedule a studio visit with Elizabeth at __flatline. Munzon is the Director of __flatline, an artist run gallery and art space. Visit flatlinegallery.com for more information.